The Buddhist Academy

North of Luang Prabang town near the banks of the Mekong the Sangha’s Buddhist Academy site occupies 9 hectares of former rice fields and forest.

Already home to a large population of secondary school students, the Sangha’s ambitious plans for the Academy reach in the future to the founding of a Tertiary Education facility.

Much of the construction of the Academy buildings, supported by the Buddhist Heritage Project, has been carried out by the monks and novices with support from the local community. Major support for work at the Academy has been provided by the London based Badur Foundation and private donors both local and international.

Please scroll through the photos below for a glimpse of the vision of and life at the Buddhist Academy

  • Architect Pascal Trahan’s rendition of the planned Research Library building at the Buddhist Academy.

  • Novices digging holes for the footings and foundations of one of the new High School buildings, in preparation for erection of the vertical support columns.

  • Novices laying terra cotta tiles using their versatile skills working with construction elements. These tiles will form the foreground of one of the High School buildings.

  • Even in the blazing sun the novices labour at their involvement in the construction.

  • Making use of any available piece of equipment, and among much laughter, novices moving bricks to the construction area.

  • Most of the novices and students of the High School at the Academy, pose with the senior monks, nuns and teachers following a ceremony.

  • With the Governor of the Province of Luang Prabang, the Abbot, Project Co-founder Hans Georg Berger, and senior teachers pose during the hand-over ceremony of the High School.

  • During a procession to donate a Buddhist Statue to the Academy, Monks, novices and villagers greet the arriving boat which carries the statue.

  • Brought up the riverbank from the boat, a formal procession is held; monks in the lead followed by the statue under an umbrella and the donors.

  • The procession continues and approaches the ceremonial hall.

  • A formal Buddhist blessing ceremony being held to celebrate and bless the statue which has been donated.